Our Club’s World Community Service Committee has again approved projects in Jirapa area (far north) in Ghana this year. The costs listed below are in Canadian dollars, unless otherwise noted. There are no administrative costs.
NOTE:  Funds ($150,000+) have already been raised, pledged or applied for in grants for the following:
  1. School benches/desks/uniforms/student and teacher supplies – elementary school
  2. Major WATER program for Town of Jirapa – 16,000+ residents – Club’s Centennial Project
  3. WATER Well for village of Mwal
  4. Clothing program for 1000 children

STILL NEEDED:  Funds for the following projects:

A) Insecticide-treated MOSQUITO NETS for pregnant and nursing mothers in area villages to prevent deadly Malaria at a cost of $6 each for a net x 400 = $2400(raised so far $400).
B) READING EYEGLASSES to several villages: $2.25/pair x 400 = $900; raised so far - NIL. The nearby Wa Rotary Club has an optometrist as a member, to help with Vision Program for those who cannot afford glasses.
C) Tankuri School Feeding Program: We currently have a pledge of $600 to provide one hot meal per day for 60 kindergarten children. To expand this program to grades 1-6, we need to raise another $3000.
D) DRILL WELLS in 4 villages to provide clean water - $6000 for each village (between 300 to 1000 people), and we have cash/pledges totalling $11,300 (from Fish Fry ) for wells, so far.
E) AWARD SCHOLARSHIPS to nursing school and teacher candidates - $1200 to $1500 each for one year.
F) Renovating an ORPHANAGE - total cost of $1000 (nil raised so far).
A team of 17 dedicated volunteers made up of Rotarians and non-Rotarians (some with medical backgrounds), will travel at their own expense to Ghana for a 2 to 3-week period in November 2018 to complete the above projects. We plan to wire funds as soon as possible to Wa Rotary Club  (our Project managers in the nearby Jirapa district) for them to start work on projects.
Funds raised so far have come from our ROTARY Club budget, ROTARY District 6400, and Rotary International, with balance from Club members, supporters and friends in Windsor/Essex County, and from Plymouth-area Michigan Rotary Clubs.
WE ARE NOW ASKING FOR YOUR HELP SO THAT ALL OF THE REMAINING PROJECTS CAN BE COMPLETED. Many thanks to generous Club and Team members, friends, and supporters, who have already sent in or pledged contributions.
Income tax receipts will be provided for amounts of $20 or more. To donate, the options are:
  • Cheques to be made out to ‘Rotary Club of Windsor Foundation Fund’- indicate on memo line if you have a preference where funds should be spent (eg Water, Education, Medical, Orphanage, Eyeglasses, Scholarships, Where needed Most) and mail to: Rotary Club of Windsor, 7911 Forest Glade Drive, Windsor, Ontario N8T 3R7
  • Credit cards are accepted by calling Rotary office (519-253-6382 - open 9am-4pm - Mon thru Thurs).
  • The undersigned can arrange to pick up donations (call above number or Team Leader).
  • Fill out the form to the right of this page. You'll be able to pay via PayPal or Credit Card.
We hope that you can assist our Club and the Ghana 2018 Team, and we thank you for your consideration.
DEADLINE IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 20TH – (sooner the better) If you want to help with these Rotary Projects. The Team leaves on November 2nd
Many Thanks, Regards and Best Wishes,
 Team Leaders: Ron Arkell 519-973-4052, Dr Godfrey Bacheyie, 519-255-2379