Douglas George is the Consul General of Canada in Detroit, and is responsible for the States of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. He is a career diplomat with over 30 years of experience, and most recently served as Canada’s Ambassador to Kuwait. As a recognized trade policy expert, he is the perfect person to offer insights on NAFTA talks now underway.
This Monday, our Club had the honour of presenting Douglas George, Consul General of Canada in Detroit as the speaker.  Mr. George began by explaining his ties with Rotary: His father was a Rotarian and his sister and two brothers took part in Rotary’s Youth Exchange program. He went on to describe the current state of the North American economy, Canada-U.S. trade relations and provided insights on the NAFTA negotiations now underway. George then provided some details about the Gordie Howe International Bridge. The goal is to have the proper infrastructure in place to support the $1.7 billion dollars of trade that crosses our border each day. Construction will commence in early 2018 and is expected to create thousands of jobs.  The consul ended with the following statement:
“I wish to conclude by assuring you that Canada is embarking on NAFTA modernization talks with goodwill and a commitment to a win-win-win solution. That being said, we are committed to getting a good deal for Canada, not just any deal”.
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Greg DeHetre also had a call-out for host families, as our Club will be receiving two new exchange students this year – one boy from Belgium and one girl from Japan. If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be interested, contact a member of the Youth Exchange committee or email Sevda at

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