Theresa Shuurman spoke about her trip to Pakistan and India, Dr. Norman King was the presenter and discussed the Inter-Faith Group of Windsor and Essex County, and Shari Cunningham spoke about her involvement in the community.
Theresa Shuurman recently returned home from Pakistan and India where she and other Rotarians helped administer the polio vaccine. About her trip, she remarked that "good people all over the world are working diligently to overcome difficult situations" and that the trip was truly inspiring. To see photos from Theresa's trip, please click here:
Dr. Norman King, Professor Emeritus, Principal Iona College, Coordinator of the Interfaith Coalition, spoke about the missions and goals of the Interfaith Group of Windsor and Essex County, along with establishing ground rules for inter-religious, inter-ideological dialogue. February focuses on Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Dr. King's speech was a perfect way to end the month.
Shari Cunningham spoke about how she has made a difference in our community, explaining her involvement not only with our club, but also with many other organizations throughout the area. She's done an incredible amount of work, helping manage community-based services for both children and adults.