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Welcome to the "International Youth Exchange Committee Page. The information below describes the mandate and activities of this committee.

Rotary 1918 Youth Exchange Committee Mandate

The Committee shall plan and execute any project which would assist foreign youth arriving in this community for the Rotary 1918 student exchange program.

International Youth Projects Committee Activities

Host Families are needed for the new year.
Rotary (1918) Student Services

What is Rotary Youth Exchange?

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I have a niece, Jordan Lucas, who has recently returned from an Exchange in Brazil. During her stay and just after I think she wrote a beautiful blog filled with wonderful insights.
Maureen Lucas (Past President 2006-2007)

Jordan Lucas
Jordanís blog:


lia champ

I saw this on our rotary exchange group on facebook and thought it was perfect, it really strikes a cord

  1. .-How are you gonna know what a dream is...if you've never completed one.
  2. .-How are you gonna know what an adventure is...if you never undertook one.
  3. .-How are you gonna know what anguish is...if you never told your family and friends "see you soon" with your eyes full of tears.
  4. .-How are you gonna know what desperation is...if you never arrived in a place, alone, without understanding anything the others were saying
  5. .-How are you gonna know what it means to miss someone...if you've never been away from home
  6. .-How are you gonna know what diversity is...if you've never shared under the same roof with people from all over the world
  7. .-How are you gonna know what tolerance is...if you've never had to get used to something different, even if you don't like it.
  8. .-How are you gonna know what independence is...if you've never had to make decisions for yourself.
  9. .-How are you gonna know what it means to grow...if you never quit being a child to start in a new direction.
  10. .-How are you gonna know what disability is...if you've never had to urge to hug someone, but the computer screen got in your way
  11. .-How are you gonna know what distance is...if you've never looked at a map and said "Wow, I'm far"
  12. .-How are you gonna know what a language is...if you've never had to learn one to make friends
  13. .-How are you gonna know what patriotism is...if you've never shouted "I love my country" holding a flag in the hand.
  14. .-How are you gonna know what a party is...if you've never traveled hours to go to one
  15. .-How are you gonna know what true reality is...if you've never had the opportunity to see many different ones so you can create your own.
  16. .-How are you gonna know what an opportunity is...if you've never taken advantage of one
  17. .-How are you gonna know what pride is...if you never felt it for yourself when you realize what you've accomplished.
  18. .-How are you gonna know what it means to seize the moment...if you've never seen how time passed through your hands with great strides
  19. .-How are you gonna know what a friend is...if the circumstances never taught you which ones are real
  20. .-How are you gonna know what a family is...if you've never had one that supported you unconditionally
  21. .-How are you gonna know what your boundaries are...if you've never passed them to see what lies beyond.
  22. .-How are you gonna know what money is...if you never had to manage it to get along.
  23. .-How are you gonna know what imagination is...if you've never thought about the moment you get back home
  24. .-How are you gonna know what the world is...if you never were an EXCHANGE STUDENT



exchange students in Thailand with Lia
Stefania (Brazil), Veronica (America), Addy (Mexico), Lia (Canada)

Reference: Lia's BLOG

The Rotary 1918 webmaster's granddaughter, Lia Champ, was a 2011-2012 Rotary exchange student in Thailand sponsored by the club in Grimbsby Ontario where her family lives. She returned to her Canadian home in Grimbsby in September 2012. By reading her blog, which contains many pictures, you can follow her development as an exchange student as she moves between her temporary homes in Thailand.
She has headed off to university this year as a Queens' University overseas student, taking classes in a castle in England. Her major is History. Lia continues to update her exchange student blog as she travels to historical European sites .

Rotary makes a difference in the lives of young people like Lia - we produce world aware students who make friends in many countries as they absorb the cultural essence of other nations. Peace through understanding is the Rotary goal. Encourage the young people you know to apply to our Rotary youth programs.

The Rotary 1918 webmaster's granddaughter, Lia Champ, was a 2011-2012 Rotary  exchange student in Thailand
University Click on the above picture to view
Lia Champ's blog
District 7090 Lincoln --- District 3330 Thailand

Thailand - youth exchange on a north trip

Lia at Rotary International Convention in Thailand

Reference Sites:

Windsor (1918) - Inbounders

(click on pictures for full screen photo)

exchange student Camile Thomas from Brazil exchange student Linda Arantes-Torres from Brazil exchange student Sebastian Garms from Germany exchange student Hortense Demeaux from France exchange student Morgan Johnsen from Australia exchange student Sandra from Finland exchange student Weder from Brazil

Our recent District 6400 Inbound Exchange Students

Windsor (1918) - outbounders

(click on pictures for full screen photo)

exchange student Aaron St Amand outbounder to Slovakia exchange student Mark Burschyk from Germany exchange student Brittany Normandy outbounder to Hungary exchange student Dominique LeBlanc outbounder to Belgium exchange student Christopher Woodrich, outbounder to Indonesia exchange student Ian Somerville, outbounder to Thailand exchange student Greg Moore, outbounder to Brazil Sarah Trottier, exchange student, outbounder to Finland exchange student Valerie Wortley, outbounder to Taiwan

Our recent District 6400 Outbound Exchange Students

A December, 2007 letter from outbounder Kendra Thompson to our club

Kay Curtis has asked that this letter be circulated. It is from one of our outbound exchange students, Kendra.

From: Kendra Thompson []
Sent: December 2, 2007 1:21 AM
To: Bev Cyr; sue RYE; Kaysandra Curtis-RYE
Subject: My Rotary Update

Well this is my first official letter for Rotary and I am excited to share with you my first month in Brazil has been like.

I am happy to say that, I am finally in the beautiful city of Guarapari Espirito Santo, Brasil. My host family, The Perdig„oĖMendes, lives in a Condo on the beach which is even more stunning.

I exchanged with their daughter Ana Julia who is in Indiana right now, so I have her room. My host parentsí names are Marcio and Aldenice. They are good people. I spend a lot of time with my host mother. We go for walks on the beach at night and talk. I also have a host brother named Paulo Marcio. Heís 20 and he attends a school in Victoria so he doesn't live with us, but he comes home on the weekends. He has also been an exchange student he went to the US.

School is different here. I attend a private school called Darwin. I do wear a uniform, which isn't as bad as I thought it would be because I don't have to take time to decide what I want to wear, at 5:30 in the morning because school starts at 7. I was put into the first year of high school to replace Ana Julia, because Iíve graduated already. So all of her friends know me and have been helping me learn Portuguese. And in addition to that members of my second and third host families are in the same class. So I guess it works out. It was a little weird because I am one of the oldest people at the school in the first year. So most of the people I know are from school. School ended for, me November 14 and then Darwin had a week of exams I was exempted from but I don't know Portuguese fluently, (YET!)

My host Rotary club, Club of Guarapari is a lot smaller then our club. Well honesty, itís hard to sit in their meetings not only because it is all in Portuguese, but now that Iím starting to understand Portuguese Iím finding out that it is very repetitive. But the people are friendly and enjoy having me as their exchange student and like to see me when I come, so I go every week. An interesting thing is I met some Canadian Rotarians from Ottawa, that were here for a month on vacation.

My counselorís name is MaŪda, she is a English teacher and my tutor for Portuguese. I have been attending English classes with her as a guest and her students ask me questions and for the younger grades we sing English songs. Basically they practice their English on me but this helps me learning because most of her students are basic learners, so while they are learning Iím learning too.

Right now the most difficult thing for me is the language. Even though I did study and learn some of the basics before I left. When I got here none of it made sense. So my host family started by re-teaching me the basis with their Brazilian dialect which was a lot easier. At this point I understand most of what is said to me in Portuguese, but I don't know how to respond in Portuguese. My host family speaks to me in Portuguese only, a way of forcing me to answer in Portuguese. Sometimes its gets frustratingÖ.. but itís working.

In conclusion I would like to say, I think Brazil is a lovely country and Iím glad Iím here. I would like to thank God, my Family for their support and The Rotary Cub of Windsor 1918 in District 6400 for giving me this experience that I will treasure forever.

A new Brazilian,


Rotary Letter #4 (March, 2008)

Wow I've just started my 5th month in Brazil as an exchange student. I can't believe I'm half way there. I can't believe I stayed this long. I'm in Brasil!!!!!! OMG.
I never ever imagined myself doing this at 19. This is an incredible experience. I know it's not an easy race, and I haven't reached the finish line YET, but I'm glad to be in the running.

This month has been interesting full of activity. I have changed families which I think was a good change for me. My last host family was great but having siblings I can talk to is even better. School started back up, it was nice to see everyone again. I got sick I think it was from eating fish head. I was trying new things, but don't worry, I won't try that fish head again. I had a doctor visit and the medical test came back as normal, the doctor didn't say anything and Iím feeling better so I will be fine. I made reservations for a trip to IguaÁu Falls with the other exchange students this is at the end of March. I canít wait!

One of the best things here is the beach. I absolutely love it. The view we have is a breathtaking. I could watch the water all day. I wouldn't giving that up for anything.

Iíve missed my family more then before. People told me that if I wanted to learn Portuguese faster I need to stop talking to my friends and family back home. So I did. I wanted learn Portuguese and I was willing to do anything, even try this. I just talked to them on the computer once every 2 or 3 weeks. Unfortunately, not talking to my family much and not having any family here was breaking me down. I need their support to get through exchange. So Iíll do whatever else it takes but that is not an option.

Iíve been through a lot this month that has made me stronger. I wouldn't give up these experiences for anything, because it has made me stronger.

There is always one thing that will remain the same. How thankful I am for this experience!
I thank God everyday because I still canít believe Iím here.

Please give my regards to everyone,


April 4, 2008 6:37 AM

Good Morning

I an having a great time right now. I`m in the south and Greg reminded me about my letter. To give you a quick update. This trip has be great so far. The IguaÁu falls is by far one of the most beautiful things I have every seen in my entire life!!! Being with other exchange students has been awesome.
My new family is a better change for me. I like having siblings, it makes the exchange little easier to handle.
School is good. I`m learning new things and enjoying myself a lot.
I in my 6 month....... wow.
As always I thank God, my family and Rotary for this experience. I will truly it cherish forever.

Hope things are great on that end.

with love

From: Kendra Thompson []
Sent: May 6, 2008 6:33 PM
To: Bev Cyr; sue RYE; Kaysandra Curtis-RYE
Subject: Rotary letter# 6

Rotary Letter #6

Good Evening:
It's been an interesting time here in Brazil. I've just started my 7th month here in Brazil. I'm about to switch families again tonight. Exciting but kind weird because I feel like I just got here and was getting comfortable then it's time to leave....but on the other hand I get to meet another great family!
My next family will be different. I have met my host mother once when I first came to Brazil. My host sisters and I attend the same school and my host father I haven't met.
School is good, it's not as hard to sit through all the classes and my friends understand and help to pass the time. My Portuguese is getting better with the tutoring.
The south trip was absolutely amazing. The sites were fantastic my favourite place was IguaÁu Falls.... Just gorgeous! Meeting the other exchanges students was so cool because the only thing that united us together, was that we were Rotary exchange students in Brazil. I'm looking forward to conference at the end of this month with the other exchange students in ES, and my city is the Hosts. I've met some of the Outbounds already but that was before they new their countries. So that should be fun.
My sister's finally missing me. She wrote me that she finally realized that I was gone and now is starting to miss me. Just thought I'd share that funny one with you. LOL.
I hope that all is well there and that you having as much fun as I am. As always I'm thankful for this experience and having God my family and Rotary behind me as my support.

with love,


From: Kendra Thompson []
Sent: July 31, 2008 10:50 PM
Subject: Rotary letter #8

Rotary Letter #8
I first need to apologize. I didn't forget to send a letter .. My mother told me that you were happy with the reports that I was sending, when I told her I didn't send one this month and she told me to make sure I do. I didn't send one because I thought that since the last email sent back to me said to Ďlet us know when your back ...í That meant that my next letter should be just then. Anyway I will let you know when Iím back too, but hereís my update. I have 16 days left in my exchange!! Itís been I an awesome experience. I think it will be even more interesting when I get home ... Iím excited and nervous; I miss my family so much and my friends too (and of course you too J). I think that being here has made me value home so much more...
My host family is awesome, theyí re good people. So far the only argument we've had has been, Ďwho ate the chocolate?í... but we won't get into that
All the other Inbounders in my district have returned home, and the Outbounders are heading out for their exchange year. Itís exciting watching them start out. I remember how I was. We spent a weekend together at the beginning of the month to say our Ďgood byesí and for some Ďsee you laterí. My Rotary club is good. We had a special meeting with the new Govern and his wife, since I was the first exchange student they had met (in their term) they took lots of pictures. It was funny, cause all I had to do was keep smiling. lol
School is out for 2 weeks, kind of like our March Break. My family and I did a little instate traveling. That went well. One night when we were camping I stared into the sky look out at the stars. They were so bright I could see them, oh sooo clear it was calming. Iíve never see the stars so clear and so many at once. Wow!
It will be weird to leave things here and go back and unfreeze my life there ... But itís all part of the exchange experience right? I thank God, my Family, and Rotary of this opportunity of a lifetime.

With love,

Windsor (1918) - Some Past Exchange Students

(click on pictures for full screen photo)

exchange student with badge coat exchange student Katherine Hilton from Port Hedland, Western Australia exchange student Hendrik Sellou from Hamfelde, North Germany exchange student Mari Takehara from Maizuru, Japan Our African Queen, Jamie McLaren, has returned to her home in Zimbabwbe after her year's student exchange visit in Windsor (click on image to enlarge it)

Carol Butolo - Brazil - exchange student Gap Vikitset - Thailand - exchange student exchange students enjoying a Rotary lunch exchange students at Rotary Monday Meeting

Images from a Visit to
The 2004 Rotary International Conference in Japan

PDG Bob Gallagher and Governor Sanchez of District 6400 with exchange student Yuhi in Kyoto Japan (Click on the image to expand it)
Bob with Yuhi's family in Japan (Click on the image to expand it)
Exchange Student Yuhi with her dog Rain (Click on the image to expand it)

"Images supplied through Rose Boycott"

Exchange Student Web Sites

Daniel Fortunato (Click on image to enlarge it) Denny Murtagh (Click on image to enlarge it)
Our 2002 Brazilian exchange student, Daniel Fortunato, designed a web page for local Rotary exchange students.
Denny from Australia took over as webmaster. We are looking for a new student to revive the Web Page during his/her year in Canada.
Livia Lopes(Click on image to enlarge it)
Our 2003 Exchange Student from Brazil, Livia Lopes, created her own web site designed to tell the world about what it is like to be an exchange student. Take a look at her site.

Brittany Normandy skiing in Switzerland (Click on image to enlarge it)
Our 2004-5 Outbound Exchange Student, Brittany Normandy, designed a web site to keep us informed about her year in Szolnok Hungary
Brittany's site.
Brittany has now returned to Canada and maintained her site in both English and Hungarian languages for a year or so, so that the friends she made in Hungary could continue to maintain contact with her.

2005 Cultural Scholarship

The Foundation awards one-year and multi-year scholarships, three- to six-month cultural scholarships for language study, and three- to nine-month vocational study/training scholarships.
Natalia Welniak is 1918's Cultural Scholarship Recipient.
She is currently on a Rotary sponsored trip to Spain where she is studying Spanish and Culture at the Universidad de Salamance.

Natalia's Picture Albumn

Natalia's e mail address is if anyone would like to contact her.

Our 2003 Exchange Student from Brazil,Livia Lopes, created her own web site designed to tell the world about what it is like to be an exchange student. Take a look at her site.

(Click on Picture xx to view the image)

Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 Picture 04 Picture 05 Picture 06 Picture 07
Picture 08 Picture 09 Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12 Picture 13 Picture 14
Picture 15 Picture 16 Picture 17 Picture 18 Picture 19 Picture 20 Picture 21
Picture 22 Picture 23 Picture 24 Picture 25 Picture 26 Picture 27 Picture 28
Picture 29 Picture 30 Picture 31 Picture 32 Picture 33 Picture 34 Picture 35
Picture 36 Picture 37 Picture 38 Picture 39 Picture 40 Picture 41 Picture 42
Picture 43 Picture 44 Picture 45 Picture 46 Picture 47 Picture 48 Picture 49

Letters from Exchange Students

Saturday, February 25, 2006 12:40 PM
Subject: Yuhi and Livia in Brazil

Hello everyone in Canada!
How are you doing?
This is Yuhi Nishi from Japan and Livia Lopes from Brazil typing. We hope that everyone remembers us because we would like to say thank you for everything that you all have done for us. Yuhi arrived in Brazil last Wednesday (feb 22nd) to spend Carnaval with me(Livia) and all my family and some friends. We met each other in Rio de Janeiro and we spent a couple of days there visiting some of the famous places, like: Ipanema and Copocabana beaches; Corcovado where the big Christ stands; Samba show, etc. Now, we are in Liviaís home city named Formiga. It is a very small town close to Belo Horizonte. We will spend Carnaval with all her family and friends at her lake house 20 min away. After that, we will go to Belo Horizonte where Livia goes to school. Then, Yuhi will travel to some other cities in Brazil where she has some friends. After 2 and a half years not seeing each other, we are here now enjoying each other like we did in Canada. Rotary is responsible for this amazing friendship that will last forever. It is all because of you guys that gave us this wonderful chance to meet beautiful people and you guys made our world smaller!! Please, keep up this important job and expand it to the rest of the world. We want to say a special thanks to our host families: Marinne and Doug Backham, Maria Blass, Pat and Morris Whatmore, Rose and Ed Boycott; all the Rotarians : Janet Kelly, Karen, Maureen Lucas, Brenda Cohen (for the hugs!!!), Terry Finn, Bev, Peter Hrastovec, Mr. Wheeler for all the rides and the kindness, and every one who talked to us during the meetings and the parties. We will never forget what you have done for us.
Big Hugs and Kisses:

Click on the images to enlarge them

Hello Windsor Rotary Club,
This is Carolina Butolo from Brazil!

How are you my friends?
I hope you still remember me

Yesterday night I was looking at the pictures I took in Canada and I decided to email you. I miss the great time I spent in Canada, and all the people I met there! My life completely changed after this trip and I'm so thankful to Rotary.

When I got back to Brazil I applied to some universities, got accepted at most of them, and choose the one called FAAP, which is located in Sao Paulo city, which is one of the biggest cities in the world (about 15 million people). My parents bought an apartment here where I live by myself since 2000. I'm starting 3rd year of University. I'm taking Public Relations-Communication and had the opportunity to work for one year and a half at a great franchising consulting company that represents great corporations as McDonald's, Coke, Kibon, etc.
Now I got a job at my university's Public Relations Department. For those who doesn't know what a PR professional does I'll try to explain it. We defend the image of the corporation, working to establish communication to the inside and outside public, etc. In Brazil, when you become a university student you have to stat working to get experience! It's a really hard job because there's a lotta study and working to do at the same time. I got the chance to make great friends and meet cool people in Sao Paulo. Because of my job I'm always invited to great parties, TV shows, concerts, etc. I love what I do! After finishing university I'm thinking about going back to Canada and study MBA, or maybe take another graduation over there. But before it, I think next July, I'll be able to visit you guys! I'm planing on start saving money and spend next summer with you!

PS: Janet, you used to say I talked to much, now I'm becoming a Public Relations thanks to that! HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!
PS: Terry Finn, how are you, Mrs. Finn and your daughter? Do you know something about Patrick? I need his email address...Could you please give it to me?

PS: Hello Mrs. And Mr. Boycott! How are you? News from Eduado?

Well, I keep telling people how wonderful the Rotary exchange student program is, and how I'm so thankful to it!

I better get back to work now!
Love always, Carol

RYLA Students, Chantale Myron, Kara Kennedy and Lara Snyder, talked to the membership (Click on image to enlarge it)
RYLA Students, Chantale Myron, Kara Kennedy and Lara Snyder were introduced to the audience

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive training program for community youth leaders. Young people chosen for their leadership potential attend an all-expenses-paid seminar, camp, or workshop to discuss leadership skills and to learn those skills through practice.

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